Saturday, February 11, 2012

WWJB Saturday: Holy Hog Edition

Ever found yourself dying to own an inspiration figurine from the Bradford Exchange, only to realize that those girly glowing Thomas Kinkade options just aren't your style?? Do you have trouble finding the perfect Pastor Appreciation Month gift for your testosterone fueled, MMA loving preacher??

Fret no more!

via The Bradford Exchange

via The Bradford Exchange

As  you can see, this heavenly hog features multiple Jesus fish, praying hands on the back wheel, a portrait of Jesus, scroll hand grips, golden chalices, a trinity symbol, and a crown of thorns detail encircling the seat. Oh! And a giant cross on the front, because how would you know this is Christian without a cross??!?

Now, I know what you're thinking.....

"I only regret that I have but one inspirational motorcycle figure to buy for  my Lord."

But, wait! That's not all!!

Not only can you adorn your desk, bookshelf, or sermon podium with "The Holy Roller" for only $59.99 (plus S+H), you have the option to purchase a subscription now so you won't miss any future installments in the "Riding with the Lord" series. Get in with this premiere offering and then be the first of your friends/small group members to own:

"Devotion in Motion"
"Rebel With A Cause"
"Alpha and Omega"
Plus many more to come!!!!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity for spiritual growth. Your faith journey will be renewed each time you gaze at this figurine and reflect on the time Jesus climbed off the cross and hauled ass on his chopper down to Hell to defeat Satan in a cage match.

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