Saturday, January 14, 2012

WWJBS: Tebowing Edition

Today's the day of another play off game for the Denver Broncos. To get you ready to cheer on God's chosen QB, witness to the rest of those heathen football fans, and read a little too much into the final game stats, here are a variety of Christian themed Tim Tebow products. Enjoy!

Found on ebay

You know how that song goes, right?
"Jesus draw me close. Closer Lord to the Super Bowl. Let the defenders around me fade away.
Jesus draw me close. Closer Lord to the Super Bowl.  For I desire just one more win in OT."
That is how it goes, right?
Via Mother Falcon

These jerseys are customized and have caused a bit of controversy.

And of course there's a tract! How will people come to Jesus if there's no tract!??
This 6 page tract along with samples of its text can be found at

Found at Armor of Truth
And bonus! If you enter the code "WIN4GOD" you get free shipping on this one.
See what they did there??

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