Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Would Jesus Buy Saturday: What's That in My Inbox? Edition

Today's installation is a two for one special that includes both actual products available for purchase and something available free online.

With the popularity of the Jonas Brothers in recent years, the purity ring has become a commonly known trait of American Evangelical Culture. I remember when I was growing up, the whole purity pledge idea was really gaining steam. In that culture, there are a lot of people who wear purity rings as a symbol of their commitment to abstaining from sex until marriage. Although movements like True Love Waits and Silver Ring Thing are the most widely recognizable in this field, the push for purity has seen others enter the market looking for ways to keep encouraging teens to just say wait.

For one organization this comes in the form of chastity e-cards. (You read that correctly)

  Yes, has jumped into the fray, providing not only products that advertise one's commitment to abstinence (more on that later), but also e-cards that can be sent to encourage others to maintain that commitment, congratulate them on doing so, or thank a future spouse for waiting. (Although, I think I would be more than a little concerned if I received a secret admirer card congratulating me on choosing abstinence, as one option allows.)

For me, the congratulations cards raised more questions than answers. For example;

So, would you be proud that your friends are proud of you? Or creeped out that they're keeping count? Also, when does this count start? If it just marks years without sex, does that make it appropriate for a ten year old? Does it start at puberty? Or when the actual decision to abstain is made? Or is it like an AA chip, that's awarded to that one girl in youth group who was always known to "make mistakes" but is trying to get her chaste life back on track?

But as I said, they also have products for sale to help you advertise this commitment to the world. Because they may not notice your purity ring or know it's significance, but there's no missing these products:

You can find even more designs at their online store.

I want to make it clear that I'm not attempting to simply badmouth the idea of abstinence. However, for a healthy romantic relationship, I would suggest actually talking honestly with your significant other rather than sending them an email or counting on the fact that they read the message on your clothing. As far as helping teens and young adults make informed decisions, it seems to me that open non-judgemental conversation with caring adults and/or peers will go a lot further than an e-card or a t-shirt.

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  1. Wow! This gets high honors for being amongst the most ridiculous things I have ever seen! And I have seen some ridiculous things in my day! Yipes!