Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Helpful Definitions

I'll add to these as needed.

American Evangelical Culture:
A religious subculture in the US composed primarily of Evangelical Free, Baptist, Pentacostal, and Non-denominational Christians typified by it's hyper-spirituality and rejection of all things secular
*Note: Not all Evangelical Free Christians are part of this culture and not all members of this culture are affiliated with the E-Free church. It is a general term not meant to reflect on any one denomination in particular

A term that lumps Evangelicals, Baptists, and Pentacostals together when there is cultural overlap. Basically, it's what I type when I don't want to have to type all three names.

A type of spirituality that seeks to find and pronounce the defense of one's theology in everything they see or attatch a spiritual element to even the most minor of things.

Anything that is not explicitly and openly Christian in nature

Passive Agressive Prayer:
Any prayer spoken publicly that is a veiled way to tell someone what they should do. Ex: "Oh Lord, help Jeff to know if this girl isn't the best for him" prayed out loud with Jeff in attendence

Gossip as Prayer Requests:
Expressing "concern" over an issue involving someone in order to tell everyone about it first. Ex: "I wouldn't tell you this normally, but I just really think we should pray about it. I saw Betty out to dinner with a man that wasn't her husband and it looked pretty romantic."

Love On: 
Experiencing/Expressing love in a tangible non-sexual way. Ex: "Just let God love on you." "We really need to love on him right now." Possibly my most hated of all American Evangelical Culture terms.

A way of speaking that involves a number of hyper-spiritual terms that would not be easily understood by non-Christians

I just feel like the Lord wants me to...:
Although sometimes valid, this is a heavily abused phrase within Evangelical circles that is often a get out of jail free card to give someone else a very uncomfortable answer, because even if they can be mad at you, they can't be mad at God. Ex: "I just feel like the Lord wants us to take a break from dating for awhile."

Have a burden for:
to feel a special connection or calling to serve God in a specific region or with a specific group of people. Ex: "I really have a burden for urban youth."

Prosperity Gospel a.k.a. Name it and Claim it:
A theology gaining popularity in the US centered on the belief that God wants to bless His follows with money and possessions

Bedside Baptist:
the church Christian College kids attend when they sleep in on Sunday morning

MRS Degree:
a.k.a. Ring by Spring: A common phrase heard on Christian College campuses regarding the seemingly high number of female students who get engaged while studying there

A term used to describe someone who has fallen away from his/her faith or is engaging in activities that the speaker believes they shouldn't. Ex: "I think Paula is really starting to backslide. I saw her drinking at a party."

Nominal Christian:
Christian in name only. Although sometimes used in the proper context, this is another often abused term that is sometimes used to describe anyone who doesn't adhere to every little aspect of what the speaker thinks the Christian lifestyle should look like. Ex: "My aunt is really nice, but she's a nominal Christian. She doesn't have a small group or bible study that she regularly attends."

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