Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Would Jesus Buy Saturday: You Do Know What a Metaphor Is, Right? Edition

Via Christian Lifestyle Products
And they'll know we are Christians by our excessive aversion to whatever germs they might be carrying...  That is how that song goes, right?

This product holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that during college, I once went on a missions trip where one of the leaders insisted everyone use hand sanitizer following each time they'd interacted  with street children. (I declined as the concept of treating people as if they will taint you seemed very unChristlike to me.)

But there's one other thing that should be noted. This hand sanitizer will set you back $3.99 for the 2 oz. bottle pictured above. A quick search of Walgreens online store finds that for about the same price you can get 33 oz. of a "secular" brand. That's an increase from $0.12 per oz. to $2.00 per oz. If you opt for the spray bottle (which is listed as a best seller on the site), it's $2.99 for 0.25 oz. At that point you are paying a whopping $11.96 per oz. Just thinking of paying 100 times more for hand sanitizer simply because it sports a label that quotes a Bible verse about clean hands is making me feel dirty.


  1. Hi Jen.
    I own the company you are speaking about.
    I am sorry that our products offended you.

  2. Mike,
    I'm sorry you feel that I am offended and I'm especially sorry if you feel hurt in any way. That is definitely not my intent. I have no problem with your product. I really did find it amusing largely because I actually have traveled with other Christians who insisted that everyone santize their hands each time they dealt with the unwashed masses (often in front of them). So it was just too perfect to find out someone sold hand sanitizer that even had a verse those same people frequently quoted.
    More so, although I understand why others gravitate towards these types of products (I used to buy a ton of them a few years back as I spent many years convinced that it was my Christian duty to buy Christian products whenever able) I am the type of American who is fascinated by our consumer culture and doubly fascinated by how that is translated into our Christian religious life. That's why I post products on Saturdays. (I also be sure to post the original link to that company/store in case there is anyone who is interested in it.) But also to keep this blog a little more light hearted as wrestling through spiritual issues can get to be a bit heavy at times.

    Rest assured that I am not offended and don't think less of you or anyone who sells/purchases these types of products. I just like to look the wide array of Christian alternative products available in our nation of consumers because I never knew how many there were until I waded into the world of American Evangelical Culture. I applaud your entrepreneurship and wish you all the best.

  3. we'd have a fun chat in person i think.